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CYFM-1100C Vertical High-precision And Multiduty Laminator


CYFM-1100C Vertical High-precision and Mutiduty Laminator is a newly developed product geared to demand,which is specially designed for water-based glue. The main unit is applied in cementing, drying and laminating,easy to operate.It can be used for multiple purpose,such as oil-type,water-based,and dry-type lamination.It is a new style film laminating machine.This machine contains mechanical,electrc and pneumatic elements,and has such advantages:stable running,flexible operating,and easy maintenance.It is widely used for laminating film on following materials,such as the cover of books and periodicals,pictures,calendars, cards,sample books, packaging boxs,etc.It is an ideal equipment for printing,packaging and laminating factory to imprive the quality of printed matters and reduce the factory to improve the quality of printed matters and reduce the processing cost.

1. The whole machine is designed compactly,occupying small space and saving materials.

2. The main machine collects coating glue,drying and laminating film all in one, it is convenient to operate;
3. A tractor serves several purposes, it is suitable for oil glue, water base glue and glues film .

4. Compared with the bridge type drier, the drying system makes the glued film work steady without deviaion. 
5. The main compound rollers employed major steel roller,and the oil temperature system and the heat pressure roller surface temperature are equal and stable.

6.The laminating pressure is controlled by pneumatic,Human machine interface design, easy to operate and convenient to use.

7.The machine equipped with carts,convenient to change the rolling and make the machine continuous working.
8. The main machine adopts frequency and control of motor speed,PLC control system,adjust the working speed stably and flexibly. 
9.The glue is coated by the circulatory system of pneumatic and bidirection membrane pump,convenient and stable to operate.
10. Different methods of film coiling rubber roller can be chosen,according to different types of fil.

Main technical parameters

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