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CYFM-108 Automatic Opp Laminating Machine(Water & Sovent Based Adhesive And Thermo Lamination)

Ddscription of Functions 
First coat water-type gel,then letit go through the major dryjng wheel for drying , and at the same time , the feeder will feed the paper to be next to the master pasting machine.It adopts a pasting  wheel to theat and to increase pressure in order to have the glued OPP film laminated on the surface of paper, The major drying wheel and the pasting wheel adopts a heating-recycler system, which is characterized by fast heating,stable control and accuracy in tmperature.The laminated products can be solvent based or can be cut off ports for the glued film through the disc type blades, And they can be colleted manually or automatically after they go throuqht the specially-designed breaker by pulling . 

The new generation CYFM-108 Water-based OPP laminating machine that integrated the modem advanced technology is applied to laminating the water-tyoe OPP,solvent based-type and pre-coating films,which is characterized by multi-purpose.High speed and energy saving (60 m/min, work power:50 kw).

The overprinting-laminating equipment for the printed products is widely applide to post cards,posts,books,documents,handbooks,pictures,colorful box packaging and handbags.It is an environmental protection type one,which substitutes for the solvent based-type OPP laminating machine by the water-type 0PP laminating machine.

Main technical parameters

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