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about us
Wenzhou chenyi machinery co., LTD is located in west lake industrial park, nanbin street, ruian city, zhejiang province, "China packaging machinery city".
My company has many years production printing machine, packaging machinery experience, and long-term cooperation with Beijing printing machinery research institute of China, is an advanced technology, independent research and development and sales of packaging machinery manufacturers.
My company's main products are film pressing machine, paper calender machine, polishing machine, paper glazing machine, paper uv glazing machine, water RongFu film machine, ultraviolet light, red light and polishing machine, semi-automatic paper efficient paper powder machine, film cutting machine, etc.
I company in line with "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by the good faith, innovation, challenge, service in the face of competition" principle, follow the enterprise internal management streamline, standardization, detailed division of labor, reasonable, each machine equipment factory before pass strict quality testing and debugging.
Since its founding companies, we, to synchronize with the world ", "China quality" goal, strive to provide every customer with "the most assured products the best quality service", we sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, business negotiations.
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